Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, you can chat us 24/7 using the chat window located on the bottom right of your screen. If you’d rather talk via phone, our support team is available Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 6:30pm ET by calling +1 (973) 210-4915.

What’s included in each box?

In every box we include all of the ingredients you need to make three delicious meals, with the exception of a few pantry items (e.g. salt and pepper). You’ll also find recipe cards with step-by-step instructions for each meal. Our ingredients are carefully packed and insulated to ensure they arrive to you at peak freshness.

Is EveryPlate available in my area?

EveryPlate is available in the majority of the continental United States! Once your zipcode is entered during checkout, you will receive confirmation on whether we ship to your area.

How many meals are included in each delivery?

EveryPlate offers plans with 3 recipes per week, serving 2 or 4 people. Each week you can choose from 5 unique recipes created by our chefs.

What kitchen tools will I need?

We encourage EveryPlate customers to have a trusty pot, pan, baking sheet, knife, and cutting board. Select recipes may also suggest the use of a zester, peeler, potato masher, whisk, strainer, or aluminum foil.

How do I select my meals?

Selecting your meals is the last step in the sign-up process. Once you sign up, you’re in control: review your pre-selected menus or change meals for any delivery.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, our boxes and separators are 100% curbside recyclable. To recycle other pieces of your box, follow these instructions:

Gel ice packs: Use scissors to cut a small corner off of the pack and empty gel contents into the trash before recycling. Box liners: To recycle our liner, cut the top off the plastic film, dispose of the cotton interior, and recycle the film.

How long will my ingredients stay fresh?

To ensure your ingredients stay at the peak of freshness in which they were packed, we recommend storing all fresh produce, proteins, and dairy in the refrigerator. Meals should be cooked within one week of delivery.

Where do you source your ingredients?

Our suppliers vary by week and region. When we choose our suppliers, our first priority is to get to know them and ensure the highest quality of all ingredients.

How do I sort my ingredients?

Your recipe cards contain all of the information you need to sort through your delivery. Reference the ingredient list on the front of the recipe cards to know exactly what goes in each meal.

Do you provide nutritional information for your meals?

Yes. Nutritional estimates per serving can be found on each website recipe detail page under our “Weekly Menu,” as well as on information cards in your delivery. Please note we purchase our ingredients from several different suppliers, so nutritional details may vary slightly.

If you have further questions regarding the nutritional information of a recipe, our Nutrition team is here to help. They can be reached at

What if I have an allergy?

We provide allergen information on each recipe detail page, as well as on information cards in your delivery. We recommend reviewing the ingredients in each recipe before placing your order to ensure our meals meet your needs.

Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil?

Yes. Vegetable oil is a large category of oil that includes olive oil, canola oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, and many others. When we call for vegetable oil, we are most likely cooking at high temperatures, so feel free to use whichever neutral oil you have on hand.

If you only have olive oil, use it. When we call specifically for olive oil, we are looking for you to take advantage of its delicate flavor and encourage you to use olive oil, specifically.

What is the deadline to modify my order or skip a week?

To change your number of servings, delivery day, address, email address, payment information, or password, visit our “Settings” page. You may skip and unskip weeks as you’d like without being charged for skipped weeks.

All changes must be made by midnight 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery.

What time will my box be delivered?

Boxes are typically delivered between 8am and 8pm, but times may vary based upon your carrier.

What if I’m not home to accept my delivery?

No problem. We will drop the box at your door or wherever/however you specify in your 'Delivery Instructions'. No signatures necessary.

Why is my discount code not working?

First, make sure you have selected the right plan and your voucher has a valid date of expiry. If the issue persists, please reach out to our Customer Care team via the Contact Us link on the bottom of this page.

I’m redeeming a free box. Why do I need to enter a payment method?

While we offer flexible plans with no long term commitment, when signing up for EveryPlate, you are enrolling in a weekly, auto-renewing service. You can pause and cancel deliveries at anytime.

Coupons may discount your initial delivery, but your plan will automatically continue and charge your account at full price on a weekly basis, unless you choose to skip or cancel deliveries.


Cook delicious, filling meals for 2 or 4 people in a snap. Pick your dishes, skip weeks, cancel any time. No commitments, really.