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Cut out the hassle of grocery shopping with our convenient meal delivery service
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Enjoy affordable meal kits that won’t break the bank, starting at just $1.49 per serving with our exclusive discount


Become a chef in minutes with our meal kits, featuring easy-to-follow recipes with only 6 simple steps
Get $1.49/Meal

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Johanna Michaels

recommends EveryPlate

October 27 at 3:58 PM · 

We've saved money on groceries and eating out, plus have found so many great recipes we love!

Deb Glatz

recommends EveryPlate

October 26 at 7:57 AM · 

So easy to prepare, high quality products. Clear step by step instructions. Wonderful flavors.

René Santana

recommends EveryPlate

October 20 at 4:17 PM · 

Takes away the planning of meals and shopping for them individually. I also enjoy cooking them with my partner, it's a good enjoyable experience.

Marc Rabinowitz

recommends EveryPlate

October 13 at 3:58 PM · 

I've tried a lot of different meal kits. Everyplate is by far the best value. The meals are good and the cost is very reasonable.

Kellie J.

recommends EveryPlate

May 06 at 7:53 AM · 

The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. We now eat better without waste & I save time meal planning & shopping. Also, it’s very affordable.

Tammy H.

recommends EveryPlate

May 06 at 7:29 PM · 

Meals & portion sizes are very good. Meats are always moist. My husband & I have liked all of the meals we got. This program is also affordable.

Reba Jacobs

recommends EveryPlate

May 05 at 6:42 PM · 

The dishes are delicious, easy to prepare, and not expensive. The ingredients are fresh and of excellent quality.

Alicia H.

recommends EveryPlate

May 05 at 8:40 PM · 

I love the variety with Every Plate. We have been happy with every meal that we've received. They are delicious and easy to make.

Patricia W.

recommends EveryPlate

May 05 at 6:20 PM · 

EveryPlate is amazing. I love that recipes are so easy to follow the whole family can join in the cooking 🙂 Plus they taste great too.

Malissa Flint

recommends EveryPlate

May 05 at 6:38 PM · 

Love that they give you several options to choose from. Meals are quick and easy to make. Very affordable too. I definitely recommend EveryPlate!

April L.W.

recommends EveryPlate

May 05 at 11:11 PM · 

Everything comes in a box. Great meals, affordable & economical compared to other meal kits. Whatever keeps me from a grocery store is A+ for me!

Sharon B.

recommends EveryPlate

May 05 at 11:14 PM · 

It’s my 3rd week & I’m still thrilled! Absolutely delicious & easy to prepare meals. No more trying to decide what to make for dinner every night

Dionne Rogers

recommends EveryPlate

May 05 at 7:37 PM · 

I love the ease in selecting meals & that we are eating fresh/healthy food weekly! I am not a cook, BUT I feel like I can compete on MasterChef

Alexandra Ondich

recommends EveryPlate

May 05 at 7:24 PM · 

I’ve been in a rut repeating the same meals for my family so I tried EveryPlate; we are hooked! The produce & meat were so fresh.

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